My name is Ann-Christin Nilsson and I am 57 years old.

I live together with my partner Lars and our 27 year old son David.
We have four grown up daughters and eigth grandchildren.
You can read a little about each one of them under their links.
We live in Trollhättan, a little town 70 km north of Gothenburg, in Sweden.
We have just bought a house from 1945 and we are renovating it.
We will make this the same paradise for us all, as our former home was.
The cats run free all over the house and sleeps in our beds if they want to.
We are at the moment fixing this balcony to make it safe for the cats.
Our home is adjusted to our cats rather than to us... the human beings.

We have a built-in garden so our cats can move about freely outside.
I don't work so I'm at home the majority of the time.
Lars works at Volvo Aero.
On our spare time, Lars and I are involved in
Usui Reiki Healing and QiGong.

Our home is very quiet and we have no other animals.
We have  one male, a black and white,  high white exotic,
and we have at this moment 6 adult females and 1 of them are exotic.
We also have 1 persian male, staying at home for the moment.
And 1 brittish shorthair, female.
I registered my cattery with the breeder's name
AnnKriellas 1994
You can reach us
 by mobile phone 073 2271833
or email