To buy a kitten from AnnKriellas
If you are thinking about buying a kitten from our cattery I would like to give you some information here.
very important to me that the kitten will ge able to live freely amongst the other cats
and with the human beings in the family, as a family member.
No caged cats or other enclosures other than for specific reasons.
Matings or queens with kittens
can be such a time.
very important that the kitten will have a life long home and I will never sell a kitten that will be alone in the house hold.
If you buy more than one cat/kitten at the same time, you will ofcourse get some discount.
Its important that the buyer is aware of the grooming that comes with persian cats and
caring for the eyes in both persians and exotics.  If you dont have to care for the eyes..I see that as a bonus.

If you want to reserve a kitten you will have to give a deposit and we will write a contract.
I reserve the right to refuse a buyer for whatever reason I have.

The deposite will come to 2000 kr. If there is a kitten for export the deposite will be larger.
Remaining  payment will be paid before or at the time the kitten will leave my home.

All kittens from my cattery is raised together with us twolegged and fourlegged ones.  
If there is a queen that is very protective about her kittens, there can be limited space during a short period.
But as soon as its possible, everybody is roaming free again.  They lay in our laps in the evening in front of the TV.
They are used to the normal noices in a home.
We dont have any other animals or small children.
The grandchildren is here sometimes and plays with them,
but I cant honestly say that they are used to small children on a daily basis.


We have the following prices on our cats

Pets only: from 5000 Skr. Only to Sweden
A kitten with some kind of "defect" that makes
the cat unsuitable for breeding
No kitten is sold for less then 5000 SKr

If you are looking for a cheap kitten for showing or breeding
I cannot help you
I do not have any to offer.
Suitable for breed: FROM...7000 Skr. Only to Sweden
A kitten that may have a slightly long nose but otherwise
follows the standard for a Persian or Exotic and
is therefore suitable for breeding
For EXPORT the price will be FROM 1500 Euro
all vaccinations, chip and healthcertificat included
shipping excluded

Breed and show FROM 8000 Skr and more in Sweden
For EXPORT the price will be FROM 1500 Euro
all vaccinations, chip and healthcertificat included
shipping excluded

Down payments are usually not refundable
If the kitten should get ill in my home and cannot be delivered,
then the full amount of down payment is refundable.
If the buyer changes his/her mind for whatever reason
about the purchase of the kitten, the down payment is not refundable.
Breeding and/or showing guarantees is not given

Kittens sold from our cattery are:

Dewormed according to recomendations
From PKD-DNA tested and PKD free bloodlines
Veterinary check prior to leaving for new home
Ensured against hidden faults 3 years.
Registered at Hallandskatten.. a part of WCF

Annki Nilsson

If there are any pictures on my website that belongs to someone else,
I appologize and will remove them directly upon contact